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RetroFoam™ offers the opportunity to be in a business that saves people money, conserves energy resources and is friendly to the environment. We provide state-of-the-art equipment, expert training, and effective sales & marketing tools.

RetroFoam™ — The Company

The Company

RetroFoam™ foam insulation by Polymaster™ offers you the opportunity to be a part of a business that is good for you, good for existing homeowners & good for the environment!

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RetroFoam™ — The Product

The Product

RetroFoam™ is the perfect foam insulation product for existing structures. It more that 95% fills wall cavities, blocking heatflow, reducing noise, and saving money!

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RetroFoam™ — The Opportunity

The Opportunity

Rising energy costs and a difficult real estate market is causing more folks to look at ways to improve their existing homes. RetroFoam™ offers the perfect solution!

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RetroFoam™ — Get Started!

Get Started!

Homeowners will recover their investment in three to four years, or less… and new RetroFoam™ dealers will do even better! What are you waiting for?!? Contact us today, and get started!

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